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Why Accountants Need a Mobile-Enabled Cashflow App

With Moolahmore, you can easily keep track of all your financial transactions and make sure that everything is up-to-date.

Gone are the days when you are stuck at your desk, slaving away at the traditional error-prone and tedious accounting process. Because with new technology that paved the way for the rise of mobile-enabled cash flow apps like Moolahmore—it’s now possible for you to take care of your accounting tasks and efficiently serve your clients, no matter where you are in the world.


That said, it all boils down to the primary rule of survival among business accountants and SME company owners today—embrace modern technology or stay left behind by your competitors.


In this blog post, we will tackle the benefits of switching to a mobile-enabled cash flow management and forecasting software and how it can take your SME accounting practice to the next level. Let’s start!



From Traditional to Modern: Benefits of Switching To A Mobile Enabled Cash Flow App Moolahmore


Work With Your Accounting On The Go


In the past, you would still have to set aside some time to access your accounting on your computer, which often meant you would have to work late nights or weekends to finish your duties.


But this has all changed with the continuous advancement of technology. Now, a mobile-enabled cash flow tool such as Moolahmore enables you to access and work with your clients’ accounts even on the go. You can easily monitor and adjust transactions without being tied to your office or in front of a desktop. This makes it easy for you to respond quickly to the financial needs of your clients, giving you a competitive edge in the market.


Time and Cost-Effective


Using an automated and mobile-enabled financial app like Moolahmore can save you a lot of time since you won’t have to do data entry, calculations and projections manually


Furthermore, it can also save you a big chunk of money by going paperless, for everything is already online and electronic. And, of course, you can use that saved money for other crucial aspects of your accounting practice operations.


Hassle-Free Bookkeeping & Efficient Reporting 


It’s imperative to have timely bookkeeping records and insightful reports. That’s why you need a mobile-enabled cash flow app such as Moolahmore that gives you the power to organise your books, easily monitor your clients’ finances, perform cash flow analysis and scenarios, generate comprehensive financial reports in a snap and offer valuable recommendations to your clients – all while on the move.


Increase Accounting Accuracy


In addition to convenient bookkeeping and insightful reporting, a mobile-enabled financial tool like Moolahmore can help eliminate human errors in your accounting, which often happens when you manually input data. Likewise, it can also enhance the accuracy of your financial analysis, forecasts and reporting since, with this tool, you’ll be able to monitor financial movements in real-time. 


Overall, this app’s error detection and automated calculation capabilities make this option much more accurate than performing your tasks manually, even if you’re an experienced accountant.


Better Collaboration


Having a mobile-enabled cash flow tool is the key to better collaboration. It allows you to access up-to-date financial information and monitor financial performance conveniently so you can quickly provide clients with the most accurate and timely advice. On the other hand, this also helps with staying in sync or on track with your team members. No doubt – with a mobile-enabled cash flow tool such as Moolahmore, you can remain connected, productive and collaborative wherever you are.


Get Help With Taxes


With the right preparation and planning, tax season can be made easier and less stressful.


You know the drill—tax time is typically the busiest, most stressful and dreadful season among accounting professionals like you. But, thankfully, you won’t need to fret anymore. With the help of a mobile-enabled financial app like Moolahmore, you will definitely survive the tax season. It makes the process of preparing tax documents and filings for your clients accurate, on time and as painless as possible.


High Level of Data Security


With features like encryption, strong password authentication, and secure cloud data storage available on a mobile-enabled cash flow app such as Moolahmore, you’ll be able to drive off hackers and identity thefts. This will give you relief that the crucial data and sensitive information you manage for your clients are under the highest level of protection even when you access it on the go.


Become a More Valued Accountant & Gain Your Clients’ Trust

To become a more valued accountant and gain your clients' trust, you must provide them with reliable financial advice and guidance.

Picture this: You’ll be able to offer meaningful cash flow insights, provide better advice and quickly respond to any concerns your clients might have—that’s what you get when you utilise a mobile-enabled financial tool like Moolahmore. 


Note that having access to accurate and timely financial data anytime and anywhere in a secure manner will increase your credibility as an accountant, help you become a more valued advisor for your clients and win their trust. 


In a nutshell, here are the compelling reasons why you need a mobile-enabled cash flow app like Moolahmore for your accounting practice:


1) Work With Your Accounting On The Go

2) Time and Cost-Effective

3) Hassle-Free Bookkeeping and Efficient Reporting

4) Increase Accounting Accuracy

5) Better Collaboration

6) Get Help With Taxes

7) High Level of Data Security

8) Become a More Valued and Gain Your Clients’ Trust


Final Takeaway


Don’t wait to become obsolete in your own field. If you want to increase your efficiency, stay competitive in the fast-paced world and remain valuable in the eyes of your clients, then it’s time for you to accept the advances in accounting technology and embrace a mobile-enabled cash flow app like Moolahmore into your practice. 


Built to run seamlessly on any device and has a user-friendly interface with powerful integration and consolidation capabilities, Moolahmore is indeed a game changer and the way to the future. 


Manage your accounting with accuracy and deliver high-quality service to your clients even on the go! A mobile-enabled cash flow app Moolahmore can help you easily do that. Request a demo today!