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Tips on How to Create an Accurate Financial Report

Tips on How to Create an Accurate Financial Report


Having accurate financial statements informs you of how your company operates. With that information, you can make sound business decisions. For example, it may help you determine profitable opportunities for future expansion. This is not only peace of mind for you, but it also lets investors, shareholders, and creditors know as well. No doubt, accurate financial statements demonstrate your company’s success.


Understand Your Finances



Standout financial management is a book that discusses how to manage your money and your life.

Standout financial management is the cornerstone of every business, regardless of size. Without it, even successful and potentially lucrative businesses will fail. Critical financial decisions are required immediately. There’s no time for a leisurely bedding-in period. While some business owners may have experience running a business or a high degree of financial literacy, many are entirely inexperienced. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a guide for you– when you’re just starting business finance, resources such as these can be valuable. They are handy during times you might get stuck and need insight.


Monitor Your Monthly Cash Flow



We advise you to monitor your monthly cash flow, even for small businesses. If you’re a new small business or deal mostly in cash, like food or retail establishment, you may even need to pay attention to your cash flow daily or weekly. The most challenging period for cash flow is during the early establishment of your company. As you develop the company, you’ll have plenty of expenses but no consumers or clients to generate revenue. That’s why it’s crucial that you assess your cash flow situation at the outset and always have a temporary source of funds such as savings or an overdraft to keep yourself going while you wait for the cash to begin flowing in.


Managing cash flow is a significant issue for businesses that depend on seasonal revenue. Companies with notoriously large cash flow swings can now carefully track and record the ins and outs of their money. It’s not easy to manage cash flow in seasonal companies, but it is doable.


Create Cash Flow Statements Effectively


The best way to closely monitor cash flow into and out of your business is to create a cash-flow statement and anticipate. These simple financial reports will give you a snapshot of your monthly cash flow and your monthly cash flow forecast.

Unfortunately, running your own company involves many time-consuming but unavoidable accounting and tax tasks. Although these tasks may be frustrating, performing them is critical to not only keeping compliance with tax authorities but also enabling you to gain valuable insights about the operation of your company. 


Financial Reports You Should Maintain


Financial statements are vital for any venture. They can be helpful to your home, as well, for tracking the inflow and outflow of cash. In addition, regularly reviewing your forecasts and plans can help you anticipate potential issues, which can help you take steps to resolve them in advance and take the appropriate actions for your business. There are four primary financial planning and prediction reports that every business owner should create and maintain. They comprise the following:

  • Balance sheet – this states your assets, liabilities, and equities 
  • Profit and loss statement – an annual summary of your revenues and expenses 
  • Cash Flow statement – a reflection of the inflow of revenue and outflow of expenses 
  • Break-Even analysis – a study to determine the income you must receive to cover the total costs of operations 

Debt is a handy tool when starting and developing a new business. In reality, most companies will surely rely on debt financing. Even so, there’s a common distinction between managing debts and experiencing debts spiralling out of control. To remain financially healthy, you must remain aware of what’s happening. In addition, you should try to prevent debt from growing out of control continuously.


Create a Budget


Preparing a budget for your business is about anticipating your future finances based on the past, present, and future. Therefore, you need to know what happened to your enterprise in the previous month, three months ago, and what last month looked like to practice sound and accurate financial reporting.

As you get underway, you may find that your job of developing and budgeting your upcoming finances requires looking back upon your old capital expenses and earnings. Over time, you’ll need more information to draw upon as you develop your financial strategy. Here are some steps to stay within your budget:

  • Examine your revenue
  • Subtract fixed expenses
  • Determine variable costs
  • Set aside a contingency budget
  • Make a profit and loss statement and maintain it
  • Outline your forward-looking business budget

Review Your Credit Report


Credit reports are the most important factor in determining your credit score. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation.


Your credit report is determined by what creditors report about you. For example, they note how many loans you obtained, whether you paid them on time or late, and the loan amount. In addition, your credit report may include public record information and your prior history with landlords. Providing accurate info is necessary for all credit reports to work for the benefit. 

Before using information, ensure there are no data errors, such as misspelling names or inputting the wrong numbers. Those errors can signify data entry issues, such as inaccurate information from your end or someone else’s. It can also alert you to fraudulent behaviour. For example, doubts about faulty purchases or loans you don’t remember may indicate something is wrong. If you encounter any errors or glaring hiccups, follow the recommendations of the documentation to address them.




Accurate financial reporting services help your business have a comprehensive, streamlined picture of where it is and where it is going.

Accurate financial reporting services help your business have a comprehensive, streamlined picture of where it is and where it plans to go. When you add dashboards featuring crisp and easy-to-interpret financial visualizations, your organization can quickly discern and accurately measure critical components of your financial status over selected time intervals.


With MoolahMore, you and your business can experience the best accurate financial reporting services! MoolahMore is a fully automated, intelligent online financial service software that would save you and your team time and effort while speeding up your business processes and upping the efficiency of your workflow. Contact us now to get started!

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