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Promote Financial Awareness for Global Wellness Day

People from the business space coming from any sector deserve to live an abundant and holistically healthy life for the rest of the years. The success of business operations relies heavily on the strategies employed by its decision-makers. It follows that sound decisions are made only with a sound mind, so much so that having the right tools and people to support the business are the keys to its success.

With over 1700 countries that celebrate Global Wellness Day annually, financial literacy still remains a rarely talked about subject. Since the main question that comes along with this celebration is “How can we create a healthier and happier balanced life?”. On top of staying fit and healthy, we also need financial freedom and discipline.

The Stress Factor

Stress mostly comes from a lack of financial support for one’s self or business. Poor financial decisions lead to cramming, burnout, stress, anxiety, and even depression. Capital One and The Decision Lab made a study and almost 80% of their participants were facing problems due to their financial situation. 58% of the participants were also witnessing how finances were substantially controlling their lives.

If we only think long-term about our finances, stress wouldn’t have to take place longer anytime soon. Money may not buy all the happiness in the world but it can tone down unhealthy overthinking and fatigue that cause health problems later on. Hospital bills, rental fees, student loans, and car loans—are only some of the inevitable financial responsibilities that you will not need to worry about when you have set aside emergency funds for worst-case scenarios. Investing in your financial education also does wonders.

A Holistic Approach

You will notice that the strongest foundations of holistic health are often built from a strong and balanced combination of allotting money for your regular health and wellness activities and aligning your finances. These financial goals include savings, debt reduction, and investment vehicles. You must have a comprehensive, holistic approach to financial wellness, not one that is built on a single aspect.

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Lack of financial control impacts our mental health, work, and body. People overwork when their finances are at stake, so they lack sleep, get sick, and become unproductive in the process. Due to the hustle culture and stronger peer pressure, it is becoming more difficult to live in today’s financial world. A lack of financial wellness is why many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. In fact, this is the case for more than half of the people who are under 40 years old. It isn’t that they don’t make enough money to support themselves; it’s that they don’t do well with money management which is integral to living with a work-life balance.

A Tool to Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

This is why it is important to establish a financial plan to help you get there. We can always make use of the digital transformation and have digital developments like Moolahmore work in our favor. Moolahmore does not stop at developing its app features for the convenience of its users, it goes to the lengths of consistently publishing and promoting financial awareness through quality content in the digital space.

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