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Cash Flow Analysis Made Easy

Compare and Consolidate

In just a few clicks, compare and consolidate multiple cash flow statements.

Smart Cash Flow Planning

Create budgets and 'what-if' cash flow scenarios in minutes to map out future plans.

Cut Out Complexity

Quick, simple error-free analysis of your cash flow statements and projections directly from your accounting software.

1 on 1 Customer Support

Ensure set up and navigation is easy with our on-boarding service and on-going support.


How It Works

Import Data

Easily import your transaction data from Quickbooks Online, Xero or a CSV file for your projections of operating cash flow

Manage Transactions

View, edit, and automate recurring transactions within your cash flow statement

Manage Multiple Scenarios

View, compare, and consolidate multiple scenarios in just a few clicks

Export Data

Export your scenarios in Excel and PDF format

Control Your Cash Flow

Simple, easy to use dashboard and calculators increase your efficiency when juggling your cash-flow. 

  • Build cash-flow forecasts and compare scenarios to make critical business decisions.
  • Multiple views of your data – consolidating for high level or drill down to transaction level.
  • Create, clone, split and delete transactions to have complete  control and flexibility of your forecast.
  • Budget better by a simple way of tracking unpaid and overdue items.
  • Map out how increases in sales would impact your future cash.
Excellent Accountant

Make Informed Decisions

Get the right answers and reduce the complexity of traditional accountancy by using quick, simple reports 

  • Clearly visualize your real-time cash in and out.
  • Consolidate multiple entities’ cash flow to give you the big picture.
  • Multi-currency converter.
  • Compare opportunities or plan for change easily with the scenario builder.
  • Work with your team to implement your decision by the easy share function.

Quick Real-Time Answers

Never wait for results again, one touch updates allow you to control the data you need to see. 
  • Real-time financial data direct to your mobile or desktop.
  • View in seconds of your current income, expenses, remaining and opening balance.
  • Integrate seamlessly with both Quickbooks or Xero or import via CSV.
  • Forecasts up to 5-years’ worth of data from your 3rd party accounting software.
Operational Cash Flow

Plan for the Future

Spend more time on strategy and the growth of your business and less times fighting fires.

  • Create solid forecasts derived from your historical financial data.
  • Map out financial changes with unlimited modelling scenarios.
  • Create multiple scenarios to compare your choices and their future implications.
  • Built-in collaborative function to share forecasts with your team.

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