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Is it really needed to download a Xero Verify on the phone when I am linking MoolahMore to Xero?

Multi-factor authentication is a second level of security when you log in to Xero. Authentication has been mandatory for Xero Australian customers since 2018, due to Australian Tax Office (ATO) requirements. In 2021, Xero made MFA (multi factor authentication) mandatory for their New Zealand and UK customers. If your Xero user role requires you to set up MFA, you’ll be prompted to do this when you log in for the first time to your Xero account when using Moolahmore.

To set up Xero multi-factor authentication (MFA) you’ll need an authenticator app on your mobile device or computer.

If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet, Xero recommend using Xero Verify so Xero user can receive push notifications for quick and easy authentication. It’s the only authenticator app using push notifications to log in to Xero. Just open the notification and tap once to authenticate. To use Xero Verify, your device’s operating system needs to be iOS 13.0 or Android 5.0, or later.

The support article link below steps you through the process to set up Xero MFA.

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