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How to Sign-up for MoolahMore on the web?

Note: Before signing up to MoolahMore, make sure that the email address that you will use is valid.

1. In your browser’s address bar, enter the URL of MoolahMore ( The Login page appears.
2. On the Login page, click Sign Up.
3. Fill up the necessary information.
4. Click on the Terms and Conditions link to view the application’s Terms and Conditions.
5. Click the Terms and Conditions checkbox to continue with the sign-up.
6. Click Sign Up. An account activation message appears.
7. Go to your email account and open the verification email in your inbox.
8. Click Verify Email Address or copy and paste the Verification Code to activate your account.
9. Click Go to Sign In. You will be redirected to the Login page.
10. Enter your username and password credentials.
Note: Username and Password are case-sensitive.
11. Click Sign In.

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