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How to add company in MoolahMore using mobile?

1. From the Your list page, tap the + button. The Add company window appears.
2. Select the company type.
3. Enter the name of the company.
4. Enter a description for your company. This field is optional.
5. Select your company’s industry from the dropdown menu (note: this is not available in personal entities)
6. Select currency from the dropdown menu. By default, the USD – USD Dollar ($) is selected.
7. Tap on next
8. Select your accounting provider in the next screen
9. Login window will appear and enter your credentials. (your accounting provider may have to authenticate the integration, if applicable.)
For Xero, it may be through Xero Verify app authentication, so just tap ‘Yes, it’s me’ on your phone to authenticate the connection and tap ‘Allow access’. You can then select the organisation you want to integrate from the list in the next screen.
10. You can add a member to your company on the next screen or skip it by tapping ‘Maybe Later’.

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