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Changing the Face of Business & Technology, Embracing Equity, and Driving Innovation For A Better Tomorrow

Moolahmore has always been keen and enthusiastic about cultivating women empowerment, accelerating gender parity, and eradicating all forms of discrimination, both within our company and beyond, particularly in the tech industry.

We stand to believe in the salient contribution of women in business, and therefore recruitment, involvement, retention, and promotion of women in tech roles should be valued and normalised.

Likewise, women should also be celebrated for their achievements and extraordinary strengths in paving the way to break the barriers and transform the world to be more equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

To honour the 2023 International Women's Day, recognised globally on March 8 every year and International Women's Month, and to make the celebration of women in business & tech extra memorable—we are proud and excited to introduce our special offer.

Everyone, including YOU, deserves access to equal resources and the same opportunity to reap the benefits of modern technology, such as an advanced cash flow forecasting tool Moolahmore that can help you be more empowered in handling your finances and plan better for long-term financial growth, innovation, and success of your business.

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