Moolahmore App Features

Achieve your business financial goals by building a reliable historical data of your cash flow today.

No matter your financial needs or worries, Moolahmore is the best financial buddy and a game changer to your business and accounting practice. It is built to provide brilliant solutions at your fingertips!

Here are the advanced features of Moolahmore, making it an excellent choice for accounting professionals and business owners alike.

Cash Flow Management

Moolahmore will help you manage your finances easily but like a pro! No more scratching your head—you can say goodbye to hassle and stress.

Company Consolidation

Easily combine all your key financial data from different companies into one place with Moolahmore. Save time, eliminate risks, and deliver the most accurate cash flow data without spending hours on spreadsheet after spreadsheet. No more painful data entry indeed!

What—if Scenarios

With Moolahmore, you can stay ahead of the game, secure your financial future, and prevent a cash flow crisis from ever happening!

Comparative Analysis

With Moolahmore, see how easy it is to compare cash flow forecasts or scenarios from different entities without errors and confusion.

Cash Flow Analysis

Start using Moolahmore to get a complete picture of your overall financial health and track your cash inflows and outflows in real time.

Cash Only Report

With Moolahmore, you can gain a greater understanding of your business overall financial health, make smarter decisions about where to allocate your resources, improve your liquidity and reduce your overall debt burden.

Report Exporting

Exporting reports with Moolahmore can be a simple task for any business. With Moolahmore's comprehensive reporting system, companies can consolidate complex financial data into a single report quickly and efficiently. This report can then be exported in multiple formats, such as PDF, CSV or XLSX, to provide stakeholders with an easy-to-read document that contains all the information they need.

Secured Mobile-Enabled Software

Get an instant and secure view of your Moolah (money) wherever you are in the world. Moolahmore is CONVENIENT at its finest!

Cash flow visibility and having solid financial data can help secure financing backups from potential investors, creditors and lending institutions. This is relevant to your business growth and to cover your emergency needs. Thus, this also creates an aura of confidence that your business can be trusted to handle financial resources responsibly, which is why it is worth investing in. With Moolahmore, you can guarantee that your business has the best chance of success!

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