Moolahmore App Features

Optimize your cash flow management with Moolahmore!

Cash Flow Management

Real-time operational cash flow reports pulled directly from cloud accounting or CSV files. Intuitive navigation and simple to use dashboards allow for easier, more regular management of cash flow.

Company Consolidation

Global entrepreneurs can attain a holistic view by consolidating reports across multiple entities.

Opportunity Planning

Create plans by cloning and editing financial forecasts within minutes. Add , split, delete, recast transactions to visualise changes and opportunities. Share plans with stakeholders clients or integrate their own plans to provide them different options to consider.

Comparative Analysis

Create reports to demonstrate opportunities or risks with real-time financial data. Answer questions like ‘is it better for me to reduce staffing levels or cut costs elsewhere.’

Flexible date range cashflow analysis

Track your cash inflows and outflows in real-time to help you future-proof your business.

Mobile Enabled Software

Get an instant view of where your Moolah (money) is going, create scenarios and understand your spending trend using the mobile app at any time, anywhere.