Moolahmore App Features

Optimize your cash flow management with Moolahmore!

Make quicker, better decisions

Get a quick overview of your financial performance to help you make important decisions at a glance.

Quickly forecast your cash flow

Forecast your data in just a few clicks! The comprehensive scenario interface gives you a clear overview of your past and future cash transactions. It displays a line graph showing the changes in your Balance, Income, Expenses, and Net Income based on the transaction data that you have imported to let you see the big picture at a glance. See the impact of increased/decreased revenue, staffing changes, and capital expenditures. 

Forecast operating cash flows for 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, or even more in the future. Seeing your future cash balance helps you know where your business is headed.

Multiple Cash Flow Views for Easy Decision Making

Quickly assess your financial performance of operating cash flow at a glance.

Multiple views 

View various aspects of your forecasts to easily analyse data. 

Moolahmore allows you to view different and multiple scenarios at once to compare them in just a few clicks to allow you to understand your forecasts better. 

An entity represents a company or an organization. In our cash forecasting software, clicking on an entity displays a list of all the scenario cards created for the entity (if any) and the action buttons that allow you to add multiple scenarios, update, and delete your entity.

Using this tool you can compare unlimited “what if” comparisons, pick out and emphasize  favorable vs. unfavorable scenarios and dive deep into data with line-level rules. This will allow you to play around potential outcomes and establish a solid game plan based on your analysis.

Seamless Importation of Your Data

You can say goodbye to spreadsheets! Plan quickly and save more time using our powerful integration tools.

Integration with Quickbooks Online & Xero

Moolahmore’s integration with Xero and Quickbooks online allows you to automatically  import your accounts, transactions, invoices, and bills to fill up your forecasts with real data transactions to keep track of your outstanding and overdue items. You can also  convert your imported data to the scenario’s currency. The real time sync with your accounting software  means no more missing out and increased your confidence with your future operating cash flow.  

Still keep your spreadsheets! 

Convert your spreadsheets to CSV and import your transaction data seamlessly as well. We cater to your needs as you learn to scale up in your business.

Play With Scenario and Explore Endless Opportunities

Business is usually filled with a lot of highs and lows and as a business owner, you have to act smart.  What would happen if you hired more employees? What if sales are better than expected? 

Consolidate scenario

Start to modify your scenarios so you can fully analyze your data and provide the insights you need for you to make the right decisions for your business.

Our comprehensive cash forecasting software and its scenario interface allows you to update, draft, publish, duplicate, delete, consolidate and select multiple and unlimited scenarios with multiple currencies helping you make more informed decisions in your business.

Compare multiple scenario

Quickly build multiple scenarios and compare them to your base case at the same time.

Duplicate your scenarios and create comparisons with multiple currencies for quick scenario planning. Adjust and compare plans straightaway, even in the middle of a board meeting.

Manage Your Transactions Easily

Leverage the power of our smart editor to manage your transactions.

Split Transaction

Easily manage bills that need to be split or paid through installment and organise them in different intervals!

Repeat Transaction 

Keep track and manage repeating transactions accordingly into your preferred number of occurrences.

Add Transactions Manually

Manually add transactions to help you decide on the right time to pay a bill or hire a new employee by testing the impact of your actions on your future operating cash flow.

Update a Transaction 

View and edit your transactions using our smart transaction editor. Edit and adjust the amount or date of a transaction to simulate different what-if scenarios.

Search for transaction 

Keep track of unpaid and overdue items. Don’t miss out on an invoice, bill and due dates!

Share Your Data to Anyone, Anywhere by Exporting Your Data

Create reports to export in less than 60 seconds!

Export to Excel and PDF

Export and share insights by converting your scenario reports into excel and PDF format for further analysis, printing, and sharing. When you’re starting out, having a comprehensive pdf or excel report will help everyone understand the story behind your numbers. 

With just a few clicks you can create beautiful PDF and Excel reports so you can quickly show your company’s financial performance to potential investors, your internal management team, and your board of directors! 

Help set the stage for collaborative discussion in any financial meeting, and you can easily add your own summary to provide additional narrative context for your metrics.

A very helpful cash forecasting tool that gets the word out to people you trust within your business or organization.

Collaborate and Work as a Team

Moolahmore encourages team collaboration and we believe that it’s a cash forecasting tool that helps you fast track to achieve your business goals.

Invite a member 

Adding or inviting members to your own entity makes team collaboration easier and seamless!

Remove a member 

Set different permissions for each user, giving you total control over who can access what. 

Only allow specific members to exclusively access your forecasts or data created and remove the ones who no longer need access. 

Shared entities

You can also get access to entities outside of your organization. This feature allows you to view all the entities that are shared with you by the other users. You will not be allowed to modify a shared entity but this will allow you to have a glimpse of somebody else’s cash flow forecast to compare or analyze with your own data!

Increased Security

Your data privacy is our topmost concern. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Your account is safe and secure with the use of the latest encryption method and 2-factor 

authentication to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your data or account on our cash forecasting software.

This means your data is safe with bank-level security making sure you have enough confidence in your cash flow forecasting. The extra layer of security built in your app is designed to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account, even if you had someone know your password. With two-factor authentication, your account can only be accessed on devices you trust.

Users love this feature as they have the freedom to do what they need to do to keep forecasting safely!