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Transactions Calculator

Updated on February 10, 2023

The transaction calculator has four essential functions, as shown at the bottom of the screen: update, split, replicate, and delete. The date and payment fields allow you to edit the times a payment is to be received or expected to come out. If it’s a significant transaction that you want to split or if you want to set up a payment plan, you can edit the exact details here as well.

To update a transaction.

1. Select any transaction you’d like to update. Just tap and long press. (Note that you can’t edit historical transactions. Historical
transactions are transactions from the previous month to the preceding months)

2. In the transaction editor screen, update the following fields
– transaction type from income to expenses or vice versa
– transaction name (short day n of your transaction)
– contact name (typically vendor’s name)
– amount
– date (payment date & due date)

An example, If a user needs to adjust an invoice amount in one of the transactions due to a discount applied. The user needs to look for the invoice, enter the amount and click update. Then from there, they can see the changes by looking at the graph above.