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How to add Company in Moolahmore using web?

Updated on November 7, 2022

1. From the Company page, click the Add Company button and select the company type you want to add. The Add company window appears.
2. Enter the name of the company.
3. Select your company’s industry from the dropdown menu.
Note: This field is not displayed when adding a Personal company.
4. Enter a description for your company. This field is optional.
5. Select a currency from the dropdown menu. By default, the USD – USD Dollar ($) is selected.
6. Click Submit.
7. Select your accounting provider. You can select Xero or Quickbooks. Otherwise, choose Upload CSV.
8. Login window will appear, and enter your credentials. (If applicable, your accounting provider may have a security code sent to your email to authenticate the integration.)
9. You can add a member or invite a member as an option or skip it for later.
Note: After adding a company, you can start making a scenario by clicking on the Make a Scenario button. For more information, see “Adding a Scenario”.