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Forecasting, Consolidate and Compare

Updated on February 9, 2023


Set up your company through your accounting software/CSV.
View your forecast projection on the Scenario Page.
Clone your core scenario to play around with multiple scenarios; take note that you will not be able to edit any scenarios you have set as your default, as this becomes The Benchmark for any further plans or scenarios.
The graph can be viewed in different periods. Just toggle the calendar option, and you will find that you have the opportunity to view it for seven days to five years.


To consolidate scenarios:
Click on the drop-down menu on the upper left part of your screen.
Select consolidate from the list.
Choose a scenario card you want to consolidate and then Click on the Consolidate button on the upper right.
Please note that you cannot consolidate scenarios from the same company.

A pop-up window will appear. You can then name your consolidated scenario. For the currency, select the currency you want this report to be presented. Next, choose a company where you want the report to be saved and click on consolidate. Moolahmore will then direct you to the consolidated report we created, which is now ready to share the report by exporting to PDF or into a spreadsheet.


There are two ways you can compare with Moolahmore, compare multiple companies or compare various plans for one company.
Select the companies/scenarios you want to compare.
Take a look at the quick overview graph.
Perform a calendar view. 12-month views to 5-year views are available for the comparison of companies or scenarios.
Click the drop-down menu at the top left of your screen, then select compare from the list.
Choose the scenario card you want to compare.
Multiple scenarios can be selected.
Choose the currency you wish the comparison to show up.
Click compare on the upper right.