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5 Productivity Apps To Boost Your Workflow

You will need support from various applications, which are packed with specialised features to optimise your productivity systemWorking around the clock, as an accounting professional or an owner of SME accounting, you are among the most active figures within the finance industry. And in order to stay on top of completing your tasks, you must develop good working habits and hone your productivity skills. Therefore, you will need support from various applications, which are packed with specialised features to optimise your productivity system.


Read this blog to find out some of these productivity apps that can help enhance your workflow and discover the factors you need to consider before making a choice.


What Makes An Excellent Productivity App: Factors to Measure


Key Features


Evaluating key features means understanding what the app does, how it works, and its limitations. By knowing these things, you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should purchase or download it. So, always see to it that the features of the app will meet your specific needs and preferences. 


To illustrate, an excellent productivity app must enable you to create a to-do list or a calendar of projects, track your progress and deadlines and set notifications to remind and motivate you that it’s time to get started working on your tasks. 


Cross Platform Compatibility


Make sure that the app functions well on devices or platforms with different operating systems and screen sizes. If an app does not have cross-platform compatibility, it will be difficult to utilise the app on your preferred platform, as you will experience bugs or crashes.


User Friendliness


Of course, you will need to determine if you can stick with the app for a long time. That’s why measuring its performance, like the interface, navigation, and responsiveness, is also crucial. 


Here are the things that make an app user-friendly:


  1. a) The interface should be easy to use, with clear instructions and no confusing icons. 
  2. b) The app should be fast and responsive so that you can navigate around it without delay. 
  3. c) It should be intuitive and easy to learn, so even if you are a first-time user of the app, you can quickly utilise it to your advantage since you are already familiar with the ropes of it. 




Price is an important consideration when deciding whether or not you should purchase the app. It is because the price can reflect the app’s quality and value. That said, you must always grab the opportunity to try the free plan or trial of the app, so you can test it out before making up your mind. After all, you don’t want to waste your money on an app that isn’t worth it.


From To-Do to To-Done: Best Apps For Boosting Productivity


Freedom (To Improve Your Focus)


This app is like your personal assistant, helping you regain control over your thoughts and productivity. With Freedom, you can block websites and apps that you don’t need or even the entire internet, which could distract you from focusing on your tasks and getting things done. Likewise, Freedom allows you to create productive habits through its scheduling feature and utilise Locked Mode to give your control with distractions an extra boost. Freedom supports Mac, Windows, Android, iOs and Chrome. If you sign up for a free trial of Freedom, you are entitled to 7 sessions on unlimited devices. Thus, Locked Mode and Scheduling are both included in Premium Features.


Asana (For Task/Project Management)


Asana is another great app that can boost productivity in your small business accounting. For instance, with multiple teams and projects requiring extensive support and coordination, this is an all-in-one platform for handling tasks, sharing files and collaborating with your team to help you accomplish those projects. Moreover, Asana’s task/project management aspect allows you to precisely see what needs to be done in your dashboard and how far along your team members are on their tasks. You can also comment on those tasks and attach files to the comment section to incorporate more conversations into the project workflow. 


Google Calendar (Online Calendar)


An online calendar like Google Calendar allows you to create, set and maintain a weekly personal or team schedule in just a few clicks. Also aligned with your Google Tasks, this calendar will enable you to see your inputs once you’ve added your to-do list for the week and mark them done once completed. With Google Calendar, you’ll also be able to add attachments, organise events, schedule meetings, and make Google Meet video calls. This app is readily available on Android, iPhone and iPad.


Google Drive (For Data Storage)


Google Drive is an online storage platform where you can save documents, folders, pictures, videos and other necessary files and easily share them with your team on multiple devices like computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With Google Drive, you can also know who is viewing or editing your shared files.


MoolahMore (For Financial & Cash Flow Management)


Available on all platforms—Web, Android & iOs, MoolahMore is a reliable and efficient cash flow tool loaded with powerful features such as opportunity planning, intelligent cash flow management, comparative analysis and company consolidation. These features can help eliminate accounting complexity, simplify your daily accounting duties and improve your accounting capabilities. MoolahMore offers a 30-days trial at no cost. All you need is to request a demo. Thus, later on, you may choose a pricing plan that suits your needs.


Other Accounting Software that integrates seamlessly with MoolahMore:


  • MYOB
  • XERO
  • QuickBooks




If you are looking for a way to increase your productivity levels, then it is time to start using these top picksIndeed! Productivity apps offer a wealth of features and benefits that can help you stay focused and maximise your time. Make sure you leverage these top picks to increase your productivity levels!


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